Last Loot of December

Now this is one package I’ve been waiting for – Tomoyo Sakagami from Kotobukiya and the Hatsune Miku Music Boxes from Sega:


Tomoyo is my fave gal from Clannad, especially upon seeing the special “Alternate Universe” episode from the DVD. Definitely expect a good review of her from me soon (Hint: Last day of work tomorrow before I go on Holidays :D).

And the Hatsune Miku Music Boxes – Very cute, and the tunes are catchy 😀


See the below Youtube vid to see what they do:

Anyways, this is *probably* the last shipment of the year. Though Hobby Search might surprise me and ship my Figma Shana and Nendoroid Playsets before the holidays crunch arrives. If it does get here, then I’ll rename this post ^_^;;

Of for now, ja! ~Ace

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6 Responses to Last Loot of December

  1. Snark says:

    Your latest loot but further serves to feed the ever growing envy I have of you *evil eyes*

  2. acesan says:

    Heh – it’s not intentional! Though I have seen Clannad figures in the odd hobby store in Sydney, but they are like double the price than if you got them overseas, even with shipping >_>. They sold out pretty quickly even so! (But they didn’t have Tomoyo bah)

  3. optic says:

    No surprise there where u got Tomoyo before me. >_<
    If I’m lucky, I might get her in time before the year ends. ^^
    That tune never gets boring lol

  4. Persocom says:

    I really hope a store has a couple of those music boxes left in a couple months when I can start buying stuff that isn’t pre-ordered again, I really want them!

  5. Q says:

    Oh Tomoyo figure. This reminds me of the fact that there aren’t many Clannad figures out there, which I find kinda odd. The Miku music box is cute. There’s also another one with a different figure on top isn’t there?

    Hope your figma Shana will arrive soon~

  6. Thanks for the post. lol.

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