Nendoroid Miku Review


My first ever job was as an ISP Technical Support Consultant – and Miku’s earphones reminds me of the headsets we used to wear. I always thought she would make a cute tech support consultant :). Anyways, the above actually happened in real life, and to this day it still sticks in my head as one of the stupidest calls I’ve ever taken… But I disgress, this post is to celebrate my recent acquisition of Nendoroid Miku!


Or two of them to be exact ^_^;;. Yes, I really love this figure, and have ever since I first saw it. But it always sells out fast! I only managed to get these in a later re-release pre-order.


This won’t be a lengthy review, seeing as how this figure isn’t actually a new release, there are tons of reviews out for her already. But I thought I’d make a token review and a 4koma to celebrate ^_^;;


IMO she is the cutest Nendoroid out there. What else could be cuter?


This is actually December Loot Part 2. I also have a Part 3 and a Part 4 incoming next week. Yeah, one thing I really HATE about HLJ is the fact that you can’t combine shipments of pre-orders. One of the reasons I mostly shop at Hobby Search now. HLJ however is reliable, and if you really need to get something, and they have it in stock, you know you’ll get it.


One of the best things I like about Nendo Miku, compared to other Nendos, is that she can stand without her stand. Plenty of reviews have already mentioned this, but I thought it was still worth noting.


And of course, the Miku who started it all – Leek Spin!


I noticed there was another wonfes Hachune Miku “face” version that was pretty much a Miku with only this face. I don’t know why you would only want this face, I want the cute ones too!


And here we have the group shot. All three main iterations of Miku from GoodSmile Co. Mission Accomplished! I give Nendoroid Miku a 9.5/10. Because not only is she super cute, but she also has limited articulation!


Anyway, till next post! And only 2 more weeks till some much needed holiday time! Konban wa ~Ace

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12 Responses to Nendoroid Miku Review

  1. Snark says:

    Yeah, that girl is adorable; really need to get a Miku nendo for myself ^^

  2. optic says:

    For me, it’s “Mission Complete” until I get the Wonfes one. lol
    Best 4Koma Corner to date. As a IT tech myself, I understand the stupidity and how annoying I deal with these calls frequently. -_-

  3. Persocom says:

    I’m waiting for mine, probably get here after Christmas, since it’s coming bundled with Figma Shana. I think she’s one of the cutest nendos ever ^^ nice 4koma XD

  4. acesan says:

    Snark: Gonna be a bit of a search, sold out everywhere again! Worth it tho ^^
    Optic: Yup, if you’ve ever worked helpdesk, you could probably relate ^^
    Persocom: I ordered Figma Shana as well, but they’re all separate shipments -_-

  5. phossil says:

    Me in the same situation as Persocom.. hehe
    I enjoy techniccal support calls. I think its funny to re-play those calls for remembrance! Lol

  6. acesan says:

    Heh, didn’t expect there would be a few out there that could relate! Was stressful at times, but overall I enjoyed my time doing it – made heaps of friends, and fun times to balance out. And learned a LOT about people, and customer service. No, thinking back, I would still do it again.

  7. M12 says:

    Haha, I enjoyed this. It’s a creative and fun way to use your figurines! Hopefully you’ll do more in the future.

  8. 29point55 says:

    Do you believe that I got this for ONLY 16USD?? Haha!

  9. acesan says:

    Wow, hope that it’s an authentic one! 16 USD seems really cheap!

  10. Wolfie says:

    Soooo cute i really want this
    um can you get haku or meiko

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  12. Miku’s soooooo kawaii o3o

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