December Loot – Part 1

Well, it’s been a while! Not just from a loot post, but also in general. It’s getting to be that busy holiday season and I’ve been doing other stuff rather than blogging :(. Anyway, just got these delivered:


Loot this time is as follows:

  1. Figma Asakura Ryoko – Thus completes my Haruhi Set! I now have all the retail released Figma Figures from the Suzumiya Haruhi line. This calls for a group photoshoot later 🙂
  2. Figma Tohsuka Rin – Yes, I think I mentioned somewhere before I wasn’t a Rin fan. This was purely based on my watching the anime. But I’ve recently been playing the actual Fate Stay Night English translated version, and my liking for Rin has gone up quite a few notches. I think I understand her character a little better from actually playing as her in the beginning. Anyway, I’ve now got her!
  3. Figma Miyuki – Not a Miyuki fan, but I wanted to complete my Lucky Star set. I may also do a photoshoot of the lot. Maybe a few Fan Comics incoming!

I now have over 20 Figmas. Am I the Figma Master? Probably not, I don’t have any of the exclusives, nor the baseball ones, or Rin and Len, so unfortunately, not quite there yet.

Those of you of the discerning type, probably have realised that I already have Figma Tsukasa and Konata. These 2 are Christmas presents for a couple of my cousins who are Lucky Star fans. One of them likes Konata because she is the otaku dream girl. The other likes Tsukasa because he likes dumb girls. LOL.

I also got these 2 below as complete impulse buys today – not via online shops, but at the local city Hobbyco. I’m a big fan of the original transformers, and especially combiner transformers. So I HAD to buy them. But one of them is actually for my nephew. I will let him choose one, then I will have the other ^_^;; Then we shall battle! (LOL).


And I suppose some good news for those people who follow my blog or writings, and are annoyed I haven’t been posting as much lately. I have booked in a month of holidays, starting Christmas ^_^ ^_^ ^_^. So not only do I get some much needed R&R (I’m a workaholic), but I also get some time to do more writing. I have some awesome mad ideas, but no motivation to write after work, and other stuff that usually happens this time of year.

Anyway, expect some photoshoots and more figure comics soon! Konban Wa ~Ace

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7 Responses to December Loot – Part 1

  1. phossil says:

    Ohh Figma Master… The figma box pile photo looks really nice!!

  2. Snark says:

    Holy crap! Those Transformers Universe toys look awesome!!!

    How much did the combiner sets costs? I haven’t seen those in stores >_>

  3. acesan says:

    Phossil: As I said, I don’t have every Figma released – I don’t have Konata Wonfes version, or Rin and Len. Or the 2 baseball ones. But I have everyone else :P. I am also seriously thinking about getting one of the new wrestling figmas (the girl one) even though I have no idea what series that is lol

    Snark: Got them at the Hobbyco upstairs in the QVB. Each set costs 69.95, but with my discount card, $62 each. One is a more modernised Superion / Aerialbots combiner, the other is Bruticus / Combaticons combiner. They don’t look too bad at all, and I’m a G1 fan :P. I think you may also be able to find these in Toys R Us … might be another set too, not sure! Maybe a Devastator?

  4. Snark says:

    If theres a Defensor set, I will happily give up my right hand to own it.

    Or 70 dollars.

    Whichever I deem to be of less value.

  5. optic says:

    Congratz on ur completion of ur Haruhi and LS figma set. This makes 2 of us huh. ^^
    I think you are the figma master? lol
    Well, the question I want to know is “what it takes to be a figma master?” There is more to become one than just owning exclusives and every figma released out there. lol

  6. acesan says:

    “Gotta catch them all!” Call me insane, but reading your comments on being a figma master made me start thinking of the season 1 Pokemon opening theme!

  7. Andrews Pelt says:

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