Ace’s Update – Writing and Figma Headswaps

I know I’ve been pretty slack lately in regards to keeping up to date with my fanfics, but I do have ideas churning around and around, just haven’t been putting it to computer … probably going to spend tonight punching away at the keyboard, so tonight’s blog post won’t be anything special due to lack of time.

Here’s a few head swaps to laugh at in the meantime – the more Figmas you have, the more possibilities!: First up Fate-Kanu:




Saber-Fate (sorry pic is crap, but it’s bloody hard to fit that dang sword in the whole frame and get a good focused picture) :


Also unrelated, but really glad, now got my car back from Smash Repairs and all perfect. A couple month’s back some idiot smacked into my car while it was parked at the shops. Dishonest bugger then didn’t leave a note, and left it smashed up. The front, right hand side was all dented and had yellow paint smears on it.


But as you can see, now all good as new! It took a while because the Smash Repairs place had to order some parts from Toyota Japan – My car is a Japan Import, Toyota MR2 GT, early 90s version. That’s the problem with imports, even though there is a local version, there are still some parts that can only be sourced where the car came from :(. Anyways all fixed now, sigh… I wonder if I should stick some GoodSmile racing Miku stickers on it 🙂

Cyas till next post ~Ace

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3 Responses to Ace’s Update – Writing and Figma Headswaps

  1. Snark says:

    Yes, please stick the stickers on it! XD

  2. Persocom says:

    I would put the stickers on it for sure. Saber looks good in Fate’s uniform. Fate doesn’t look too bad in Kanu either XD

  3. acesan says:

    Saber’s head seems to suit a lot of other figma bodies I noticed 😛

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