Fate T. Harlaown Figma Max Factory Review

I’ll start off this review different than how I usually do… with a Figure Comic! (Gomen: This review has a TON of images, so apologies for the load time. I went a little crazy here)…

























So if you read my Figma Nanoha Review, you’ll know that I got into the Nanoha series quite late. By the time I watched it, and Fato-chan became my favourite character in the series, she was already all sold out! Luckily she was re-released this November – I refreshed Hobby Search’s website more than enough times to ensure I got pre-orders in ^_^;;

Delicious Fate in StikerS

Delicious Fate in StikerS

Just like Yami in To-Love-Ru, Fate enjoys a certain popularity, despite not being the main character of her series. A number of reasons why this might be:

  1. She has a troubled past and you feel sorry for her
  2. She is a Blonde with twin-tails
  3. She has Red Eyes
  4. She has a Scythe and freakingly huge Sword
  5. In StikerS she gets TWO swords
  6. She is soft-spoken and shy, but can kick your ass
  7. Her Ultimate Moves are the best
  8. Sonic Form is just hawt

Unfortunately, in Strikers, Fate is delegated to a supporting character, who really doesn’t even get her own plot thread. However her final fight in Shin Sonic Form kind of makes up for putting up with stupid Suburu and Tea for 3/4 of the series.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, you probably are already well-aquainted with Fato-chan, so on to the Review!







Fato-chan’s box is easily the best Figma box in my opinion. Black and gold colour scheme with the magic circles … and of course Fate pix!

The back of the box shows Fate in various poses. It’s easy to forget that Fate is a Figma because her joints are extremely well hidden, compared to other Figmas. Shoulder joints are hidden by cloak, elbows hidden by jacket, knees hidden by socks. And because it’s a Figma, the articulation is insane as always. I won’t go into articulation detail, save that it puts GIO-Joes’s to shame


On opening the box, the first thing you look at besides Fato-chan, is her accessories. She has a LOT


First things first; Unwrap Fato from all her protective wrappings!


Apart from Bad Witch Yuki (which is a special version), Fato-chan is the Figma with the MOST accessories.


Here is what Fato-chan comes with:

  1. Bardiche Main Staff
  2. Bardiche Device Mode Head
  3. Bardiche Scythe Form Head
  4. Bardiche Short Staff (For Zamber)
  5. Bardice Zamber Form Sword
  6. White Cloak
  7. Cloak Support Piece
  8. Angry Face
  9. Alternate Hair piece with the wind blowing it to the right
  10. 4 extra pairs of hands. Note that her left hands are metal gauntlets and her right hands are black gloves – Unique amongst Figmas
  11. Figma Stand

Puts Nanoha to shame. Isn’t it weird that it seems that Max Factory & GoodSmile Company spent a lot more time and effort on getting Fate perfect, but left Nanoha kind of sucky?


And now we get to the standard part of the review – Pics! I’m starting to use my LCD Monitor as a background. I think they look a lot better? And it’s easy to change the background too!

Fato-chan comes dressed in a more serious and militaristic style than Nanoha. Her lower jacket skirt is hard pvc and doesn’t bend. The mini-skirt however is soft pvc, similar to the Haruhi Figmas. No quality control issues on this Figma, fortunately. Every joint is tight, the Figma Stand fits without modification, paint-job has no issues. I heard that the first release Fate had a loose fitting waist joint, but mine seems perfect


The only thing that slightly annoys me is that it’s a bit of an effort to change Bardiche’s heads around. It is extremely tight. However this might be a good thing, as it won’t fall off, ever. Below I have also installed her white cloak. The white cloak comes with a clear plastic support that fits on to the Figma Stand, or you can place a cap on it for use without the stand. It makes her a bit back heavy, so you’ll probably only end up using it with the stand. The cloak instantly changes Fate’s cool factor by a multiplier of over 9000


Bardiche Scythe Form has translucent yellow and white plastic. Looks really good


Fat0-chan’s angwy face. I actually like BOTH faces. On Nanoha’s Figma, I only like the angwy face. But Fato’s happy face is cuto as well


Forgive my attention to detail, but I think Fate is actually right handed, so it doesn’t make sense that I posed her with her Bardiche in her left hand


Zamber Form set up! The sword is also made of translucent yellow and white plastic. And it is HUGE!


So huge, I had to split it into 2 pics. So how can you make a character with a cloak even cooler? Give it a huge freaking sword – Character Design 101


In the show, the Zamber Form can extend even longer with a pillar of laser. And in Strikers she can split it into 2 with Riot Zamber. Oh that’s right. To make a character with a cloak and sword, yet even more cooler – give it a 2nd sword! Character Design 102!


Fato-chan takes time out for a quick photo session in her gravure idol outfit


Hi, my name is Fato-chan. I’m really kind of shy, introverted, and like long walks on the beach. Oh, I also like smashing things with my Zamber Sword


The body is from one of my Revoltechs. I think it looks better on Fate


After her Idol Photo Session, Fate heads off to her next appointment – recording her new single


Anyway, that’s it for this review. Sorry for the amount of pictures and loading time, but this now becoming my FAVOURITE FIGURE, I had to make it a special one. There is no excuse for not getting this figure if you are a fan of Figmas, or Figures that look good. And better hurry, I do think she is still in stock from her second release! The only reason you wouldn’t get this is if you ONLY get figures from shows you watch and haven’t seen any of the Nanoha series – if you haven’t, watch the first and second series right away. Even if you think Magical Girls is a stupid genre, I really think A’s just may just change your mind – it did mine


And of course, what is the score? It’s Over 9000 out of 10! Sayanara till next post ~Ace signing off

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10 Responses to Fate T. Harlaown Figma Max Factory Review

  1. Snark says:

    That sword…so…incredibly…sex!

  2. Q says:

    Glad to see that you’ve got the long-waited Fate. I remembered trying to take pictures of her with Zamber form, and it’s not easy to put everything in one frame!

    Just be careful of the ponytail and the hands. If not handled carefully they may break, which will break our hearts even more.

  3. acesan says:

    My one seems pretty solid – maybe they fixed the issues with the second run. Of course if worse comes to worst, I’ll open up my second Fate ;P

  4. It is wonderful to see the pictures,thanks for sharing

  5. acesan says:

    No problem, it was fun taking them ^^

  6. blackcat says:

    Is this the Fate figma on http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10072425 ?

  7. blackcat says:

    Was this the Fate figma on http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10072425 ?

  8. blackcat says:

    Sorry about the double post. I didn’t see my comment appear the first time.

  9. Q says:

    @ blackcat:
    Yep that’s the same one.

  10. blackcat says:

    Thanks for confirming that. I wanted to get a Fate figure too after seeing this page and review.

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