Random Gundams

Just realised I hardly have any Gundam Posts, despite myself having so many Gundams o_0. I better fix that up quick smart. Although please excuse the quality of these pics, as they were taken when I first got my camera and had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t know what I’m doing, but maybe a tiny bit more than before ^_^;;.


By the way the collection in my background is from about 3 months ago. I’ve since had to re-arrange my furniture and obtain more display space for my figures o_0

My favourite Gundam in my collection (that I have actually built) is my MG Strike Freedom Extreme Burst version. I painted it with Tamiya Spraypaints, and this is actually my first Master Grade I have ever built. The results don’t look too bad for a first try in my opinion. I also purposely used a darker blue for this.


You’ll notice I don’t actually have the dragoons on the little plastic pipe cleaner thingys. That’s because at the time of this pic I was too lazy to construct them. Since then I have assembled them, but due to Spring Heat, all the pipe cleaner things started to lean and look horrid, so I put it back in this config anyway. Oh well.


This is what it looked like when I had the dragoon thingos set up. Pikachu VS Strike Freedom – HASHIN!


Next up is my MG Destiny Extreme Blast version. I actually hate Shin Asuka and think he is loser and retard, but have to admit his mech is super cool. A bit colourful and unrealistic, but who watches Gundam because it’s realistic?


I really like all the gimicks and doodads like the spiderman beam boomerangs.


These are my MG Sword Strike and NG 1:100 Aegis. The classic duo from SEED. ❤ them! Kiiirraaa!!! Asssuuuraaan!!!! WTB MG Aegis Gundam…


This is my MG Zeta 2.0 and my NG 1:100 Saviour. Zeta Gundam is the only UC series I have watched, and I didn’t think it was too bad for a vintage anime. However I still like Gundam SEED better – call me a scrub, I don’t care ^_^;;. I think this Zeta is my least favourite MG I have built, because I HATE it’s transformation system. Way too fiddly and complex. I transformed it once (I think it might have taken me and hour to do it without destroying it), went “meh” then transformed it back. Since then I have not touched it. The Saviour on the other hand I am very happy with. I used metallic paints on it and it turned out really good if I do say so myself.


I like the Saviour so much, I even have the HG 1:144 version. I actually handpainted this thing, and have to say it’s my favourite HG. Also for some reason it’s actually more anime-accurate than the NG one above. The wings are meant to be thinner, but for some reason the 1:100 has fat stubby wings. Stupid. (Anime accuracy is one of my most important traits when I buy merchandise).


And you all saw my NG 1:60 Exia model earlier, but here it is again. And yes, I used metallic paints on this one as well. This thing is pretty damn big and very cool to play with because it’s so sturdy. I wonder if they will come out with a 1:60 version of the 00 Gundam?


Well that’s it for this random Gundam post. The above is by no means all of my Gundam collection. I have quite a few more, and some still waiting to be built (MG Freedom, MG Crossbone Full Cloth, another MG Strike and MG Infinite Justice, and stacks more non-MG). But I will try to post more Gundam stuffs.

Anyways, sayanara for now. I’m in the process of installing my 2 new terabyte harddrives and formatting, and while waiting decided to post something. Cya! ~Ace

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5 Responses to Random Gundams

  1. optic says:

    Dear GOD!!! 0_0
    U will need to add in “NSFW” in ur comics soon. lol

  2. acesan says:

    rofl! She is from some ero game I have never played nor watched, but I really liked the pose because it has so much potential…

  3. Snark says:

    That is an awesome collection of gundams. Also, I want to see the continuation of the Strike Freedom/Pikachu battle.

    Sadly, I’m at a place where it won’t be safe for me to click the nsfw link, so I’ll check that out later

  4. koshiko says:

    I like Gundam SEED and Destiny, why do people have to be so negative about it u_u~ But yeah, I didn’t like Shin one bit >.<

    Exia is ❤ my brother one, but he hasn’t painted it. The paint looks cool though =o

  5. Satoshi-kun says:

    Whoa, right on the money. 00 Raiser is getting PG’d and you guessed it like a year beforehand.

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