November Loot – Part 1

I just realised I haven’t done a loot post in a while, so here we go! Just got these today from my new favourite store, Hobby Search:


Lootings are as follows:

  1. Figma Tsuraya-san by Max Factory

    Originally I would have got this the week it came out from HLJ, but I decided to cancel it and re-package it with other goodies from Hobby Search. HLJ’s system of combining shipments is really strange and fiddly to use, wherease with HS, the recombining is a lot more intuitive. Expect a review of Tsuraya-san soon!

  2. Figma Bad Witch Yuki by Max Factory

    At one point I decided I wasn’t going to get this. Then for some reason it finds its way into my lootings ^_^;;. Oh well, if nothing else, at least I have a spare body for Emiri-san’s head that came with Tsuraya-san.

  3. Figma Kyon by Max Factory

    I also caved in and got Kyon, even though I think his Figma incarnation isn’t really the best. Might as well get the set now >_>

  4. Figma Koizumi Itsuki by Max Factory

    Same reasoning as Kyon above -_-

  5. Nanoha Takamichi 1/8 Scale Figure by GoodSmile Company

    This was a complete impulse buy! Out of curiosity I checked the bargain bin section of HS, and found Nanoha for around 3000 yen. Bargain!

This week is going to be a good week for lootings. I also got an email that Hobby Search has also just shipped my 2 Figma Fates ^_^ ^_^ ^_^. Which means I should get them by this Friday. Can’t wait! Fate-chan! ❤

I should then have around 17 or 18 Figmas! The possibility for more Figure Comics has just increased ^_^

Oh one other loot that I didn’t post, was last week’s Series 3 Haruhi Nendoroid Petites:


I haven’t done a review of Nendoroid Misa-Misa either. Should I do one?


Opening up every box was fun!


First figure out of the box is the secret figure of Tsuraya-san. Weird!

Hmm. Anyway, this was supposed to be a quick post, since I haven’t done one since last week, but ended up posting a few things. Finished my course last week, and now have some more free time to do more writing. I know everyone’s getting anxious around the next installment of my ToLoveRu fic, but oh well, writing takes a long time o_0. It’s easier to post about figures lol!

Oh well, till next post, Ja! ~Ace

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7 Responses to November Loot – Part 1

  1. Snark says:

    Damn those Nendoroids are cute! How much do they go for?

  2. acesan says:

    The full size nendoroids (about the size of Misa Misa above) are slightly more expensive than Figmas, around the 3000+ yen range each. The nendo-petites, separately, are a lot cheaper, since they are trading figures. However the box of 12 set me back around 5700 yen? Getting a box however will guarantee you one of each type, plus 1 spare duplicate.

  3. optic says:

    I’ve been told that I’m the figma master but honestly, ur the next successor. I don’t think I have as much figmas as u do but still, it’s growing. ^^
    Dam, I was so tempted to get Nanoha when I saw her in the ‘bargain bin’ but I held back due to the rising Yen. -_-
    Speaking of petit sets, I just received my one today. ^^

  4. acesan says:

    I think the only figmas I am missing are Rin Tohsoka(sp?) – don’t really like her, and those baseball figmas (don’t like baseball ^_^;;). Other than that, I think I have all of them, and doubles of Miku and soon Fate 😛

    Don’t hold back too much, aussie $$ is climbing a bit again. Lol, it’s like gambling in this economy, you never know how much you’re going to pay o_0.

  5. optic says:

    That’s the scary part and I’m not game enough to play. @_@

  6. Lozz-Chan says:

    hello, i really want the tsuraya-san figma, i have a few question

    are you selling her?
    does she come with an extra head ‘~’, im not sure if im making a mistake with that.
    how much is/was she?

    what site did you get her from

    im sorry if im bothering you.
    thank for your time

    plus how much is it for the petit of her, it cute ^–^


  7. acesan says:

    You can still get these figures as they are still in stock – I got them from Hobby Search: I just checked and they are still in stock.

    No, not selling my ones, I ❤ them too much ^_^;;. The petite one, I think though you can only get it if you get a whole box, unless there is another shop out there that sell them separately and already opened… (as it is like a lucky dip if you just buy one of them!)

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