Infinite Justice, Haruka Oppai Pad, Mini-Loots

Not as much of a loot haul this week, but still worth blogging about ^_^;;. Misa Misa is all excited!

First up, is my Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam. Really excited about this one, I have wanted this ever since it was even rumoured to be in development months ago. I already have MG Strike Freedom and MG Destiny, so this one will fit right in. I’ll get started on it right away and will have photos of all three once I’m done.

I was curious if my local Kino-Kuniya store (Sydney CBD, Galleries Victoria) had the G’s Festival Anime Magazine which is hailed by Otaku everywhere, and what do you know, they still had 2 copies left. Quite expensive at $70 AUS, but hey, gotta expect that in these credit crunch times (damn that yen). Anyway, a complete impulse buy today, but well worth it. Apart from the magazine, you also get a bunch of goodies, like these badges …

And of course the Oppai Mouse Pad! The main reason why Otaku everywhere are purchasing this mag. The character designer for Haruka knows his or her business. What Otaku wouldn’t love a super moe, otaku-freak, with big oppai character? I must admit the “wrist guards” take getting used to, but definitely a status symbol for otaku everywhere. Get yours today!

You also get some random stickers of Taiga (Tora Dora!), the pet Tiger, Haruka (again), Index (To Aru Majutsu no Index) and umm … I don’t know who the other character is, but I’m assuming also from Index, it probably hasn’t been introduced yet.

And the other random pink bits were items I bought for National Pink Day – a fund-raiser to donate money to the Breast Cancer Foundation. So my Haruka Pad was very much in theme!

Anyways, no figure shoots for tonight; instead I’ll spend some time cleaning up my room and organising this mess. I’ve bought way too much Anime stuff recently and now I’m running out of room. So I need to make more room for the next lot of stuff to arrive (Figma Tsuraya-san and Nendoroid Petite Haruhi Series 3).

Yes, very much addicted! Cyas round, ~Ace

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6 Responses to Infinite Justice, Haruka Oppai Pad, Mini-Loots

  1. Snark says:

    Heh, looks like you shop at the same Kinokuniya I do…I wonder if we’ve crossed paths there before…?

    By the way, where did you buy all the other stuff? I can never find places to buy anime goods round here…

  2. acesan says:

    Perhaps though, I haven’t been around there lately this year, though at one point I was going there everyday during my manga phase >_>. The city is pretty much my world, I work down the road at Bathurst St.

    I bought most of my Gundams at Hobbyco in the Queen Victoria Building, but for the anime figures, you can’t find anything in Sydney (trust me, I tried one lunchtime, walking all over China town, feet was sore, not trying again -_-).

    So for figures I’ve resorted to online. My favourite 2 shops are Hobby Search ( and HLJ ( neither has failed me yet! The only thing that sucks is that the Yen has gone up so much in the last few weeks it’s pretty ridiculous :(((

  3. optic says:

    Wow, 2 copies left, I’m surprised. Usually by now, they would have sold out. Regardless of the credit crunch, 70AUS is the expected price to pay anyway with shipping, GST etc.
    I picked up a copy for my friend and the mousepad does feel comfortable, especially on the wrist. ^^
    My figma tsuruya-san and petit #3 is coming as well. ^^

  4. ZeroOBK says:

    Mikoto is the biribiri/electric/railgun girl we saw in ep. 1.

  5. acesan says:

    Aha! I knew I was forgetting something!!!

  6. The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

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