Suzumiya Haruhi 1/4 FREEing Figure Review

My Holy Grail of Haruhi Figures hath arrived! Suzumiya Haruhi 1/4 Scale Figure by FREEing & GoodSmile Company.

Ever since I saw this immense thing (1/4, wow!) on Mr Choo’s desk, I have wanted it. When I saw it available for Pre-order a couple months ago, I snapped it up pretty damn quickly. And after an extra month of delay, I now have my grubby paws all over it ^_^;;

Who is Suzumiya Haruhi? Well if you are asking yourself that question, and you are an Anime Fan, well, you must have been living underneath an even larger rock than the people who don’t know who Hatsune Miku is ^_^;;. Suffice to say that Haruhi is the main character of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, a comedy / supernatural Anime that was released in 2006, and based off a Japanese Light Novel of the same name.

This show pretty much put Aya Hirano’s name in lights, and rocketed her to stardom. She’s also now one of my favourite voice actresses. Anyway, enough background, if you’re here, you probably already are a fan of Suzumiya Haruhi anyway.

The box is frigging HUGE; 28cm x 28cm x 21cm. And pretty heavy. Which means that Shipping costs was also pretty damn heavy – especially since I also got the Freeing Mikuru in the same shipment. But she is worth it. Did I mention that this is the Holy Grail of Haruhis?

The box has these ingenious little clear plastic windows that allow you to peek inside at the figure. I did a lot of peeking, but I would rather just get the Figure out and perve to my heart’s content.

Which is what I did. Haruhi Bunny comes packaged pretty securely with numerous plastic wrappings to protect her chastity. The hardest part was taking her head off to take the plastic from around her neck. It just seems wrong to decapitate such a work of art…

Finally unwrapped. Haruhi is in her trademark Bunny suit, which she first wears in the episode when she tries to advertise flyers for her club at school. I wish there were girls like Haruhi back at my High School ^_^;;

The first thing you’ll notice about the figure is real fishnet stockings that she has. It makes me a bit paranoid of ripping them actually. The second thing you’ll notice is the tight very shiny one piece suit.

Rotation Time:

Haruhi’s pose here is actually kind of wanton ^_^;; Those legs are pretty damn spread!


Did I mention that her legs are pretty damn spread?


Notice that the fingernails are painted? I didn’t either.

Oops, my hand slipped, sorry about that.

And now for random body shots. I’m suddenly feeling hungry for some reason. Need to eat dinner soon…

I’m not really sure that this figure is 100% accurate to the anime character design. Her chest seems a bit larger than I remembered.

Note that I’m not complaining.

Definitely not complaining.

Did I mention that I’m not complaining about her chest size? If I didn’t, I’m not complaining. Just thought I’d make sure.

The many incarnations of Haruhi are not complaining either!

Thus we come to the end of this review. Freeing 1/4 Haruhi is an absolutely AMAZING figure. Any room you put her in, and you can bet yourself any money that the first thing people will point out is this figure. There’s just something magnetic about it, that will attract your eyes (the optical kind).

Now then, you’re all probably thinking that I am going to minus points from this figure because of the fact she can’t move.

Well that’s true. But I’m still giving her 10/10. Because the sheer mammothian size of her gives her an extra +1 bringing her back to maximum marks.

There is really absolutely no flaw to this figure whatsoever. It is just about perfect. The Paintjob, the sculpt, the accuracy, the pose, the outfit, the SIZE, everything. And that’s all I have to say.

Matta Ne, till next review (or fanfic)! ~Ace

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7 Responses to Suzumiya Haruhi 1/4 FREEing Figure Review

  1. Riiana Doon says:

    Dude, I so want the freeing bunny Haruhi!:D
    Here’s a link to watch Paprika, not sure how well it will work, but this is a start for you to look at it.

  2. lobotman says:

    Nice figure there. When I first saw it at Dannychoo, I fell in love with it too. Love the stocking on the figure.

  3. Persocom says:

    I’ve wanted that since I saw it on DannyChoo too. If I get any freeing bunny she’ll probably be my first choice

  4. Anime Guy says:

    I really liked your blog! Bookmarked 🙂 keep up the great Work. Valuble Info.

  5. ST1337 says:

    Wow I’m seriously curious how tall that is. I’ve seen pics of them around the web but DANG! I thought they were as small as the average figure.

  6. kyonko08 says:

    there are some pics that are quite dirty maybe it’s the positioning of the VERY small haruhi. 🙂

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