Strike on a Bike (Final Fantasy 7 Playarts: Cloud and Hardy Daytona)

So I was going to take some shots of my new FF7 Playarts Cloud and Hardy Daytona with the intention of reviewing him, however it all went awry when I realised that my trusty MG Sword Strike Gundam could ride the bloody thing ^_^;;

F*ck he looks cool hahahaha!

Better than Cloud!

Actually it kind of amazes me how well it fits on the bike. It’s like perfectly to scale.

I suppose I might as well review the bike while I’m here. As you can see, the thing is incredibly detailed. It’s weathered in all the right places. Worn metallic finish. It has working steering. It has a clear headlight. Freely moving big rubber tyres. A working kick stand.

Exhaust pipes has realistic looking cloth wraps. This is the bike exactly as you see it in the original FF7 video game on the Playstation 1. It has some weight on it too (no wonder my shipping cost a fortune!)

I remember playing FF7 back when I was one of those 17 year old party lads. It came out while I was in the “clubbin” phase. I was still at Uni, and every weekend when I got home in the early hours of the morning, I would jump on the PSX and nerd it out on this game.

So the nerdy side of me balanced itself out with the “clubbin party dude” side of me. Oh well, it was just a phase. Nerdy side all the way now!!!

Last shot is Strike doing a wheelie over one of my new lootz (I’ll post the group shot tomoz).

Anyway, here is the figure I was *supposed* to be reviewing (until the bike got hijacked by strike). It’s actually a pretty good figure overall, well articulated, though not as much as a figma.

I’ve been wanting this set for a while, but it was a while before I convinced myself I had to have it. The box is kinda big you see, and heavy, and EMS shipping did hurt. But have to say now, I’m happy I got it, because I would’ve been pretty annoyed if it got sold out!

Back of the box. Hmm. I might have to get Tifa and Aeris now (Yes, Aeris, not Aerith! She was named Aeris here in Australia). By the way, apologies for the crappy pics today, I’m still experimenting on backgrounds and I still need better lighting .. sigh.

Anyways back to the review, in conclusion, I give the Bike a 9/10, and Cloud gets a 8/10. Strike on a Bike gets 10/10 LMAO! Sayanara till next Review ~Ace (Yes I’m still writing, just taking a break tonight soz).

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2 Responses to Strike on a Bike (Final Fantasy 7 Playarts: Cloud and Hardy Daytona)

  1. faza says:

    tifa is best………………………..^_^b

    tifa is best………………………..^_^b

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