Ace’s Update – Crimson Darkness Part 5

Been writing Part 5 of Crimson Darkness this weekend off and on, and I do believe this thing is going to be epic, even if I do say so myself ^_^;;. The story is about mid-way now, so I wanted the half way point to be shocking, emotional and action-packed with several plot twists revealed.

Oh, I just found out that WordPress just released a new poll thing widget. I’ll try one out now. For my readers, what would you like me to focus on more as I continue writing?

I do apologise for taking a bit longer though, but it can’t be helped. The chapters are getting longer and longer, as I get back into the swing of things.

For now, I’ll just post a bunch of Yami images, the cuter ones from the Manga (from OneManga), to make it up to you ^_^;;. I am aiming to have Part 5 out tomorrow (if all goes as planned).

Oh yeah, more loot incoming tomorrow! I bought a bunch of supplies to make my photos look better too!

Yes. Yes we are, Yami-san

Yes, even others agree!


First Appearance


I wish sometimes my Yami figure was cast-off ^_^;;


Very lolificious. If that's a word


Damn you Rito! By the way, I still need to put a scene like this in the fanfic


Did I mention cyuutte yet?


Poor Yami-san. Although you might want to wear a longer skirt if you hate it so much


School Swimsuit Fetish Lovers


I would too


Not Yami-san, but still supa cute


Yes, if you got all the way to the end, she was saying that to you!

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22 Responses to Ace’s Update – Crimson Darkness Part 5

  1. ZeroOBK says:

    I found Mikan in Yami-chan’s outfit funny, mainly because there were doujins where she dressed like that beforehand.

  2. acesan says:

    Best outfit eva. Now we just need girls to cosplay it too!

  3. Hibiki says:

    Very impressive indeed i hope you keep up the good work by the does rito has any weapon for him to use it true man always use their fist but please add a weapon for him like a katana or a sword like cloud in F.fantasy 7.

  4. acesan says:

    Thanks. About the weapons comment, you might just be surprised later 😛

  5. ZeroOBK says:

    If Rito’s weapon will be what I think it will be, I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing.

  6. JimmyDANj2 says:

    Aaaah, I’m sooooo anxious for your next installment of Crimson Darkness!! I mean, your story is so good and enticing, that I just have to read more! So pleeease update soon! I mean don’t rush yourself, cuz that would just influence you negatively and also make the quality of the story go down, but please consider updating the story, and lock it somewhere in your conscious, so you are reminded of it and its importance. Lol, I’ve rambling for quite some time now, so I’ll leave you alone. Great job on the story so far; you are a master at weaving Rito and Yami’s developing relationship throughout the story.

  7. acesan says:

    I haven’t forgotten about it, but other things took priority .. thanks for reading though! But yes, it’s now about next on the queue of things to do…

  8. Konjiki no Yami says:

    when will CD part 5 be published!!! I’m so anxious for part 5!!!!!!!

  9. acesan says:

    I’m working on it at the moment .. with any luck maybe tomorrow! Though it’s against my rules to say when a fic is due out lol

    Edit: Well I thought I would get it done today, but still needs clean up, and not fully happy with it yet. But this means its soon…

  10. Konjiki no yami says:

    Oh.. Well take ur time with it.. I go here everyday so yeah ^^

  11. Deviant Discordian says:

    Only recently found this fanfic buried in my bookmarks, and it brightened my day to see news of an update soon. It also makes me wonder why there is so little To-Love-Ru fan fiction about.

  12. JimmyDANj2 says:

    So yeah. I agree with the others, and just to add to my previous comment (or not really add, as I’m just re-iterating the same exact thing, pretty much), I am extreeemely anxious for chappie 5. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re still awesome, and the story’s awesomely epic because of that. I just reaaaally hope it’s close to done, if you get my drift. 🙂 Not tryin to rush you, just wanted to add more feedback, I guess. Sooo…um….yeah, that’s it. Ciao! 🙂

  13. Konjiki no yami says:

    how are you doing with the part 5 Ace? I hope its coming up soon!

  14. Thanatos-kun says:

    Oh my god this is the most fantastic fiction i ever read it a master piece indeed i can’t wait for the next chapter. Update the 5 chapter ace-kun or you might get yourself bite to death during your sleep hehehehehehehe…..just kidding there.

  15. Hey Ace, I’ve gotta ask how the next part is coming along. It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything on this.

  16. Hibiki says:

    Ace how the Next part i almost getting tired of all this waiting, it almost 10 month i have been waiting.

  17. jimmydanj2 says:

    So, Ace, any chance for news of an update sometime soon? And if you have trouble, remember: “Don’t believe in yourself!! Believe in me who believes in you!! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE???!?” lol. 🙂

  18. byakuganforce says:

    Yami’s so cute xDD anxious for the next part, but good things come to those who wait ^^

  19. byakuganforce says:

    though it’s getting close to 2 years now…

  20. Aceisagoodwriter says:

    hmmm, I have only found the site a month ago and I am also anxious about the update but still, people should calm down. I mean it took JK Rowlings 2 and a half years for book seven even though she worked on it every day. Ace also has a life so he will take time especially if he hit a writer’s block. Anyways, I hope that you (talking to Ace now) get inspiration (possibly from the cuteness of your Yami figurine) and upload part 5.

  21. Fhate says:

    This fanfic had the BIGGEST POTENTIAL ever out of all To Love Ru fics I’ve read so far. But since it is unfinished since 5 years ago (obviously dropped unless I receive a link to a continuation of this that apparently google did not show) it made its way to my BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS list. Ugh. Sorry but I felt like I wasted my time. It was so good yet it ended halfway.
    If the author died and that’s why this did not continue I apologize sincerely. Any other reason I will ignore and this fic will always remain a disappointment as well as said author.

  22. John kemp says:

    Aiming to have part 5 out tomorrow, eh?
    (8 yrs later) still waiting…
    Did he die or something? .-.

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