Aisaka Taiga 1/8 Max Factory Figure Review

Here’s the other figure I got in the past week: Max Factory’s Aisaka Taiga from Toradora! I’ve finally got off my butt to take some photos of it, so here we are with this review.

Toradora! is one of the new anime series that I’m watching this season that I’m actually somewhat excited about. A while ago, I read the manga up to the latest scanlation, and liked it quite a bit – which is strange because I’m actually somewhat bored of the tsundere genre.

The manga and the anime series is actually based on a Japanese Light Novel of the same name. Toradora! is a comedy/friendship/romance story about a guy named Takasu Ryuji, who gets mistaken by everyone as a violent delinquent (because of his evil looking eyes and face), but in reality, is a super nice guy and couldn’t hurt a fly.

Our other protaganist is Aisaka Taiga, a very small, petite, pretty girl, who in reality, is super violent, and seemingly mean and nasty. She’s also somewhat clumsy, ditzy and a klutz :P. She is given the nickname “Palmtop Tiger” because of her petite size, but packs a whallop.

At first we are led to believe that Taiga is a mean-spirited girl with no redeeming qualities. But as the story progresses, we see that it isn’t really the case, and she is like that for a reason. And you begin to care about her despite the way she acts.

The two’s relationship first starts out as practically enemies, then turns to friends and comrades-in-arms working together to succeed in love. Ryuji likes Taiga’s best friend, while Taiga likes his. Then as the story continues, you begin to realise that these two are actually a perfect fit, more of a perfect fit than the people they profess to love, as they get closer and closer without them realising it.

Anyway, you’re probably saying, enough about the series. Here’s more about the figure. The figure is actually based on the cover of the first volume of the manga:

Taiga is sitting on her knees in a “moe” position while holding a little tiger in her palms, long brown hair spread around her. As you can see, the figure is pretty much a perfect rendition of the 2d image. Quite amazing to pull it off.

Specs are as follows:

Scale: 1/8 (She is actually pretty small compared to other 1/8s, but understandable!)
Material: PVC
Sculptor: Hironori Tokunaga
Company: Max Factory
Series: Toradora!
Cuteness Level: Off the charts!

Close up. Pretty much superb. Strangely enough, Taiga is my very first “Max Factory” static PVC. All of my other Max Factory figures are Figmas ^_^;;

The little palmtop tiger thing is actually it’s own little figure, freely removeable.

The eyes (optical ones) are painted extremely well. I’ve noticed that Max Factory figures all have well-painted eyes.

Here is the base she comes with. Pretty plain, except the indentations don’t leave much to the imagination ^_^;;

Obligatory bottom view ^_^;;. Don’t lie, you were waiting for it, weren’t you!

One thing that surprised me is that this figure is actually cast-offable! I had no idea you could do that. Honest. I only found out when I had to remove the plastic protective covers. Honest.

Here she is in her panchira showing glory.

Rear view for those into that stuff.

Close up view, though slightly out of focus. Gomen, too lazy to take a better shot now! Oh yeah, if you can’t tell she has a little pink bow on the pantsu. I was expecting a skull and crossbones ^_^;;

Since the chibi tiger is actually it’s own figure, you can replace it with other stuff, limited only to your own weird imagination.

A perfect spot for Nagato to read her favourite books.

Mascot pic.

A capsule toy Gundam I got the other day.

Aisaka Taiga, “Nice Boat” version.

And that comes to the end of the review. In conclusion I give Max Factory’s Aisaka Taiga a 9/10 score. She would have gotten a 9.5, but the -.5 is because she is static and can’t move. Yes I have lightened the penalty for static PVCs, I think I’m getting used to them ^_^;;

All in all, a veritable perfect rendition of the 2d picture that she was based off. If you think you will like Toradora! I definitely recommend this figure. The paint job is excellent, the features sculpted flawlessly. She’s super cute. I don’t think I can find a fault with this one (other than it being non-articulated of course!).

Aisaka says, “Get this figure!”

Ja Matta! ~Ace

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8 Responses to Aisaka Taiga 1/8 Max Factory Figure Review

  1. Riiana Doon says:

    Very nice review!:D I knew Taiga would end up having a more sensitive side, that’s why i’m not one to judge appearances from first episodes.:D
    Again, great job pn the review… yet another figure I would like to acquire.:P

  2. nutcase23 says:

    It’s the palmtop tiger with a palmtop tiger! XD

    The show’s great and it’s staying on my watchlist. Not to mention the OP is kinda catchy.

  3. meimi132 says:

    I saw that Tomoyo and another Clannad girl are getting a re-released. Tis good for me. I need to find Nagisa though… she’s already been re-released though…before Kotomi was, and before Fuko was…
    I have seen the TomoyoxTomoya ep, still didnt make me like Tomoyo anymore. (I always get the names Tomoyo and Tomoya confused… lol)

  4. zkizzikz says:

    So cute!! XD

    Very nice review.

  5. bd77 says:

    That’s a new one, a “palm-top gundam”. XD

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