I forgot that writing is hard :(

*Sob* *sob*
Wanting to write fanfiction properly, I’ve gone back through all my old notes and writing articles. Seriously, I can’t believe that I used to know all this stuff off by heart!

I’ve got articles on:

  1. Story and plot structure
  2. Writer-isms and correct prose form
  3. Character design
  4. Martial Arts research

Anyway to make sure my latest project is up to scratch, I’ve gone back to the drawing board on my notes, and ensure I’ve plotted everything out properly so that it makes sense, decided on my themes, what the reason for the story is, how my main characters think and act, their goals, and what will make them believable and sympathetic.

One thing I haven’t had much practise with lately though is critiquing other writers works. Back in the old days I would comment and critique many other fanfiction writer’s works, at least the technical aspect, and in so doing, hopefully make myself better.

However right now, I’ve been out of touch with fanfiction so long, that I don’t know where the best place to discuss these kinds of topics are. www.fanfiction.net? If anyone knows where the best place to discuss anime fanfiction nowadays, please comment or drop me a line (acesan@gmail.com). Also if any of my readers have their own fanfiction, I would be more than happy to read through it and also comment & critique.

In regards to Crimson Darkness Part 4, I’ve stepped it up a notch ensuring I get everything designed correctly the first time. So it’s going to take a bit longer to release (perhaps tomorrow?).

Anyways, for now, sayanara!


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4 Responses to I forgot that writing is hard :(

  1. ZeroOBK says:

    Does that mean that there was a time when writing was easy? Well, my lack of research on writing, as well as lack of practice, help to explain why I can’t write so well.

  2. acesan says:

    This all used to be second nature to me, cause I wrote so much, it got ingrained into my brain ^_^;;. But over the last few years, all I really wrote was technical documents and work instructions (for work) -_-;;

  3. Poofiemus says:

    Actually, if you want to make sure you’re writing *good* fanfiction, I highly recommend you trot on over to godawful.net, known as GAFF to those that frequent the place. They dedicate themselves to tearing bad fanfiction to shreds, and have a section where you can fish for beta readers and/or critiques. FF.net is considered so useless as a place to get critiques there that the GAFFEers actually call it The Pit. (And Adult FFN is the Über Pit.)

    And have you considered doing this for the National Novel Writing Month in November? Fanfiction is considered acceptable novel material by the NaNo people, and people on the NaNoWrIMo boards are great about giving plot and character advice if you ask for it.

  4. acesan says:

    Hmm. I’ll take your advice. Thanks for that!

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