Figma Props

The other day, I was browsing the local hobby store looking for any new Gundams, and somehow wandered into the doll house area …

Spotted some stuff that would definitely have comic possibilities for my figmas to display…

1:12 Scale seems perfect for figmas.

Hmm. I wonder what I can do with a toilet and bathtub set (along with a deviate imagination)? Hmmmm!!!! This stuff is suprisingly high quality as well, it’s made of porcelain, and the taps have some sort of gold metallic coating.

The leather lounge set looked pretty cool too. Definitely more stylish to display your figmas on these rather than those bland plastic stands (that half the time don’t even fit anyway!)

Well, you already saw my Lelouche Code Ecchi 4Koma. Here’s a Mikuru Number 2 4Koma special:

I’m going to have fun with this stuff ^_^;;

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4 Responses to Figma Props

  1. Persocom says:

    rofl, nice, I really want to get some props for my figmas, those are great XD Looks like a lot of fun

  2. Poofiemus says:

    You have Mikuru reading on the toilet? XD! I guess I’m not the only one.

    I really do want to get some 1/12 doll furniture for my Figmas too, but our local Hobby Bench folded. Damn economy.

  3. Death says:

    Thank so much for the figma scale!

    Those are cute accessories!

    I hope to find the dollhouse store somewhere soon.

  4. abe t.alien says:

    i loke the furneture

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