Code Geass Fanfic – The Real Ending – Spamfic

With the upcoming ending of Code Geass airing, I thought I would offer an alternate ending for those who might be disappointed.

Read on for my return to Spamfic writing! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Code Geass – The Real Ending
Spamfic by Ace Sanchez

Code Geass characters are owned by Sunrise and all that jazz. Mangling of the characters is my fault however!


He stepped into the garden, the bright greenery and flowers belying the destruction, fighting and death going on outside the Damocles. Along the path, and in the distance, he saw her, sitting daintily on her chair, waiting for him patiently. The tapping of his boots was loud against the stone.

Despite that her eyes were closed, it seemed as if she knew exactly who it was. “Oni-san, that must be you, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” was all he said, as he continued to walk toward the beautiful girl with long brown hair who was his little sister. Beloved? He could not say. Perhaps, no definitely, at one point that was true, and his whole reason for living was because of her. But he had grown now. Grown above such childish antics. He could not lose, for the sake of this world.

“You want the key of Damocles, don’t you Oni-san?” She held the sceptre she had laying on her lap in both hands now.

“Yes. That is something too awful for you.” No, he could not lose. One man’s sister was not worth billions of dreams.

“That is why.” Her voice was steel.  When had she become so confident? “I cannot avert my eyes away from this anymore.”

He wondered what she meant. And in that moment it became clear. Impossibly her eyelids with their long lashes fluttered. And then the eyes he had not seen for many years met his own and they became locked to each other. Impossible! She had conquered his geas? He could not look away from their midnight depths.

“Will you use geass on me too?”

Her eyes continued to hold his own.

And that was his mistake.

The midnight gaze abruptly flashed impossibly bright,  the crimson wings of a bird locking into his thoughts, the brightness of a geass activating.

A geass.




“Nunally.” Her brother smiled at her, his handsome face losing its harsh lines as the geass effect sunk in. “I am sorry …”

“Come here, Oni-san.” She threw away the key to Democles, where it landed softly on the grass, its use as bait no longer required.

“I am sorry,” he repeated, continuing to approach her, “that I got involved with both those women, when all along I loved you.” He began to cry, his beautiful violet eyes shining in the garden’s sky light.

Momentarily, her hatred flared at the mention of those two bitches, the green-haired one, and the redhead – both had seduced her beloved away from her. “It’s all right, Oni-san. I forgive you for straying. You may embrace me.”

Lelouche, her darling brother, Lelouche stepped forward and lifted her frail body within his arms.

It was hard to believe that she had wanted to kill him. When she found out about his two girlfriends, she had experienced a sense of loss, so as to overpower every feeling that she had.

Who cared about the world? Ever since they were children, Lelouche was her world. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, and played with the black curls there. She would have her happy ending.

“Kiss me, Oni-chan.”



This is how the ending should have been? Who’s with me? 😀

Comments / Critics Welcome! Also I should have another chapter of my ToLoveRu fanfic soon.

Regards, Ace


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14 Responses to Code Geass Fanfic – The Real Ending – Spamfic

  1. ZeroOBK says:

    Two girlfriends? More like 113.

  2. DmonHiro says:

    NO…just no

  3. acesan says:

    But Zero Requiem woud have still worked 😦

  4. vongolasamurai says:

    errr…lmao, u like turned the ending to a hentai XD

  5. lobo says:

    The best ending, but could it be modified in a way that include the zero requiem.

    So Suzaku become zero, they act the leouch dead, and then Nunally & Lelouche live together doing some H things.

  6. acesan says:

    Yes, I realise it left some answers unexplained, e.g. Suzuku and Kallen, and CC. Might have to do a Part 2 of this. o_0

  7. kiev says:

    Brittania-cest? eww…


  8. acesan says:

    For people who thinks this is “H” you should try reading some of your sister’s romance novels (if you have a sister). Seriously, that stuff is pretty much either pr*n or border line pr*n lol!

    I admit I read some of them ^_^;;. Some of them actually have a really good plot, and action. I don’t mind admitting that I use some of the better authors in that genre as influence in writing either. That stuff is HUGELY popular with the female reader fanbase.

  9. astray71 says:

    errrr… no lol just no because lelouch + nunnally does not equal good ending 😀 (to me at least)

  10. lol — I had to read it a couple times, but it finally made sense 😀

  11. Bon Kuchiki says:

    LOL, i’m gonna try to start my own Fan Fic, It’ll Be Kickass, My regards to whoever wrote this one, it got me inspired… ^_^

  12. Poker says:

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  14. C.C is love, C.C is life says:

    C’mon, Nunnally doesn’t even have a thing called breasts… C.C all the way! All hail C.C!

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