ToLoveRu Fanfiction – Crimson Darkness Part 2

Here’s another installment of my ToLoveRu Fanfiction which attempts to turn a Fanservice comedy anime/manga into serious action drama using an alternate universe scenario ^_^;; (If you missed the first part of Crimson Darkness, Click Here).

My other favourite character in this show is Rito’s little sister, Mikan. I don’t know, I just really like her character design. I know she’s meant to be loli, but yet she isn’t. The second cutest character besides Yami.

Anyway, she makes her debut in this next part!


Crimson Darkness – A ToLoveRu Fanfiction
Fanfiction by Ace Sanchez.

Note: ToLoveRu and its characters belongs to its associated author, Hasemi Saki-san, I’m just using them to have a bit of fun and practise writing again!


Part 2 – Flight

Startled so rapidly to his feet that he didn’t remember the act of standing, he was stopped from moving further by Yami abruptly grabbing a fold of his sur-coat at his back.

“Stop,” she hissed under her breath, her voice even quieter than usual. “She is not the Mikan that you knew.”

Rito looked at her over his shoulder. Her face seemed without emotion, but large crimson-coloured eyes shining of moisture told a different story. “You mean, that she’s controlled, like I am … was?”

“All humans are controlled.” She jerked him back with a pull of her arm, her strength surprising despite her short stature. “We must leave … it is not a good idea to fight further tonight because we have lost all element of surprise, and as each minute passes we are even more at a disadvantage if more humans are summoned.”

Rito jerked back with furious strength, causing his sur-coat to tear and rip loose from her fingers, and the wooden floor-boards to crack under his boots. “If it’s Mikan … I have got to save her.”

Her crimson eyes narrowed. “She will kill you.”

“How could you be so sure?” he fired back. “She was your best friend, she’s my sister, she’ll turn back before killing any of us!”

She grabbed him again and turned him around forcibly, this time not hiding any of her anger or tears. She undid the corset at her waist to reveal a foot long jagged scar of pink flesh. “This is what my best friend did when I tried to ‘save’ her, just like you’re trying to do now!”

Shocked into momentary speechlessness, he took a step backward. And that was when the wall behind Yami exploded in a whirlwind of plaster dust and concrete. Yami screamed as two arms interlocked her from behind, pinning her in a cruel vice-like hold.

“Yami-chan!” the same voice they had heard from below shouted in glee. “So it’s you! I’ve been searching for you for months!”

Rito looked at her, at the girl who was still roughly the same height as Yami, but who had obviously grown to adolescence in the three years he had been ‘asleep.’ She still wore her brown hair in the same style, loose, long and with the spiky bun, but that was the aspect about her that had changed the least. Her body had grown and was now lithe and athletic, and her face now seemed as pretty and mature as his female classmates back then. She wore the same kind of clothing that he wore, a black sur-coat that draped over her shoulders and upper arms, along with lower robes that completely covered her legs and boots.

However, her eyes were now a deep red, as red as blood, and seemed to shine with malevolence. Her pink lips smiled as she began to tighten her hold, crushing Yami in the process. Yami screamed.

“Mikan, stop that!”

Mikan stopped crushing her, and looked at him questioningly. “Oni-san, what’s wrong with you?”

Using that distraction to her advantage, Yami formed a katana blade out of her left arm and sliced deeply into Mikan’s bicep, dark blood flying into the air. Mikan fell backward with a surprised exhalation of breath, and flipped backward, breaking her grip on Yami just before the now-furious blonde girl could decapitate her with another formed blade out of her long hair.

“Yami-chan,” Mikan growled, as she landed lightly on her feet, black-gloved fist retracting backward, preparing to strike again.

“Mikan,” Yami breathed, as she stepped sideways and reformed her hair back to normal. This time, she formed both of her forearms to long, curved katana blades and held them to her sides, ready.

Rito stepped in front of her and faced his sister directly, who narrowed her eyes in curiosity at him. “Mikan, stop this.”

Mikan raised her posture from the fighting stance she had taken. “Oni-san, why are you protecting her? Why have you not killed her already? She is the enemy. A non-human. She tried to kill Master.”

Though she looked exactly like his sister, though three years older now, Rito almost couldn’t believe it was her, but knew that it was. “I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve woken, Mikan. I will no longer be controlled, and neither should you.” He looked at Yami, who was behind him, breathing heavily and tired. “This is Yami-chan, who was your best friend. Why would you ever want to kill her? Wake up!”

Mikan blinked, then shook her head. “Why are you betraying us, Oni-san? The Deviluke were ready to kill us. Kill all humans. Why must you protect their friends?” Then her eyes narrowed as she seemed to come to a decision. She lowered her stance again, and lifted both fists to the side. “First I will kill Yami-chan, and then bring you back to the Master. You are sick and confused.”

Yami walked forward and pushed him aside violently. “She cannot be turned, Yuuki Rito. I will fight. I am Konjiki No Yami.” Abruptly she coughed, and more blood leaked out of the corner of her lip.

Mikan exploded forward, the floor-boards beneath her feet giving away to her sudden destructive acceleration. “I will kill you!” she screamed.

Images flashed within Rito’s mind. Of him shouting the same hateful words, in the same suicidal strike. But this time, it was him leaping toward a girl with long pink hair, her exotic face accepting her fate as he charged toward her. The girl was saying, if this is what Rito wants.

“No!” he shouted hoarsely. Without knowing exactly how he did so, the next thing he knew he had blocked one of Mikan’s outstretched punches with his right palm, then smoothly shifted that same hand into grabbing Mikan’s outstretched fist by her wrist. Simultaneously he had intercepted Yami’s horizontal swing with her left katana forearm with a vertical axe kick into its flat, forcing it to the floor and trapping the blade beneath his boot and the boards.

Mikan seemed shocked. “Oni-san, don’t interfere.”  A sudden movement of her eyes forewarned him of her next move, which was a ducking spin kick toward Yami’s unprotected neck. Rito pushed Yami over with the leg that he had been using to pin her arm and blade and she grunted as her back hit the dusty floor. This caused Mikan’s lethal kick to miss completely, as Rito using pure instinct, shifted so that Mikan lost balance and had to use her free arm to prevent her from striking the floor.

In response, Mikan used her other leg to aim another kick down on to Yami’s back. But this left her open to Rito’s other hand, which he used to grab that leg’s ankle. Using the purchase of this hold, he was able to fling Mikan back away from Yami.

Mikan, still shocked from his interference, descended several yards away from them into a back-flip landing, then a crouch, both palms resting on the apartment floor, her long brown hair and black sur-coat settling around her.

“Yami-chan, you’re tired and hurt, and it’s my fault. You won’t last another second against her if you continue fighting at your strength.” He helped Yami up into a sitting position.

Yami looked at him, her expression almost emotionless except for a faint curving at the corner of her small mouth that seemed almost a smile of gratitude. “As I thought, you still remember how to fight and use your strength,” she said softly.

Mikan was looking at him with an angry expression. At first it reminded him of the times she had looked like when she saw that he had left the house messy, before he realised in sadness that this time, the situation was much more grave than him forgetting to clean up after himself.

“I don’t want to fight you, Oni-san, but if you are going to be like that, then I will.” She crouched slightly, and began side-stepping forward, palms held above each other and horizontally out from her chest, but this time, her stance was directed at him.

“I don’t want to fight you either. You’re my little sister, Mikan, and I love you. But you’re not yourself and I will not allow another death of one of my friends.” He didn’t know how he was doing it, but muscle-memory from somewhere in his consciousness let him lower himself into his own fighting stance. He moved forward to meet her and completely block her from attacking Yami. The corner of his mind was slightly surprised that his stance was identical to his sister’s. Identical fighting styles?

She seemed hesitant in her approach at first, but then visibly steeled herself and rushed forward in a silent leap. She struck first, in a right palm strike, which he blocked by throwing it to the side with his own right palm strike. There was a slight boom and shockwave to the air at the power of the impact. She retaliated with a left, which he also blocked with his own corresponding left, but not pausing in her sequence, she spun from the force of the first blow to throw another right at his chest.

Dodging to the side, he brought up a vertical kick and aimed it to strike her on the head which would knock her out without serious damage. But she saw what he intended, and brought up her own vertical kick which she threw from behind, to strike his boot off course and instead sent it crunching to the floor, exploding a massive hole into it. They jumped apart before they could both fall through to the floor below.

“If you won’t fight seriously, I will have the advantage, Oni-san,” Mikan said smiling. The rate of her breathing had not altered at all, even after all of that exertion.

Surprisingly, Rito did not feel the least bit tired also. His body was different, much different to how he remembered he used to be. He would have felt pride that he could now protect, were it not for the fact that he was using this new strength to fight his sister. But something about what she said, and what he noticed about her movements, seemed to bring up the same thought. “You are not fighting serious either, Mikan.” At the words, he immediately regretted saying them.

Mikan’s eyes, already crimson red, seemed to darken further, as if to blood. “Of course not! You are my older brother! But you are protecting non-humans! Non-humans who tried to kill us all three years ago!” She pointed accusingly at Yami. “And she, my best friend, has been trying to kill me and almost succeeded just because of what we are now!” She ripped at the collar of her sir-coat and revealed a jagged scar that ran from the top of her breast to her neck, where it would have most likely taken her head off if it had continued further.

Rito turned to Yami in abject shock. The short blonde girl had stood up shakily, but was now looking sadly at Mikan. “It’s a war, Rito. The turning of the humans turned them against every other lifeform in the Universe. But it’s true that Gid Lucione Deviluke tried to destroy Earth.” She looked at him now. “You stopped him though. You killed him and saved Earth. But at a terrible cost. Your humanity.” She looked at Mikan again. “And the humanity of all of your family, friends and race.”

More sudden memories of his three year sleep leaked from the dark corners of his mind. He remembered as Gid Lucione gathered all of his power, and threw an energy blast that would have destroyed the Earth had he let it strike the surface. Instead, he had absorbed that power using the strength within, that he had taken from the Deviluke’s enemies, and flew forward to …. He suddenly lost the memory, like losing his grip upon a fleeting shadow.

“Oni-san,” Mikan was saying, “Don’t listen to her. Every non-human is against us. We must destroy every non-human that is against us. Just like you destroyed the Devilukes … and the Devilins who created us.”

Yami’s eyes widened. “You’ve destroyed the Devilins?”

Mikan smiled a half-smile. “Of course. We humans will now rule the Universe. Thanks to Oni-san … Rito.”

He couldn’t think clearly anymore. All of the thoughts that he tried to grasp refused to be remembered. He didn’t know all of what was true anymore. But he knew one thing that was true. It was all his fault.

Using his extreme speed, he picked up Yami in his arms before either she or Mikan knew what he had done. “I have to think about this Mikan. Goodbye for now.” He punched the apartment floor with the extreme strength he knew he was capable of, and then smashed through the building wall and into the night air.

Behind him, in the wake of his violent exit, the multi-levelled apartment block began to collapse at its foundations in a thunderous roar.

His sur-coat and hair flapping furiously in the wind, he was careful to hold Yami gently in his arms as he searched for a roof-top to land on.

He didn’t know how he would do it. But he would take responsibility as the number one man in the Universe to fix everything.




Mikan crouched on top of one of the surrounding buildings to the apartment complex her brother had just flattened. The dust from the collapse filled the city wind, preventing clear view for miles around. Her long brown hair glided about her shoulders, her usual spiky bun half undone so that more hair had escaped into the breeze.

They had gotten away.

And Oni-san had betrayed them.


The soft feminine voice from behind her filled her with dread. She turned toward her Master, eyes downcast. “I’m sorry … Lady Haruna.”


-End Part 2

Quick Link to Part 3

Did the last part surprise anyone? Probably not if you are familiar with the way I write ^_^;;

As always, C&C (comments & criticisms) welcome. I didn’t spend too much time writing this, and hence correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, so a few might have gotten through. I think I’m starting to get the hang of writing back now, so I can write other projects once I’ve finished this one.

I am thinking this one will take about 8 or 10 chapters to complete (though they aren’t very long chapters comparitive to other stuff I’ve written).

Anyways, ja matta, and Ace signing off!

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  1. ZeroOBK says:

    The thing with Haruna didn’t surprise me, but the thing with the Devilins did. It does seems strange that Mikan’s personality is mostly preserved, considering how Rito acted in chapter 1 combined with the Devilin thing.

    Anyway, I look forward to the next one!

  2. acesan says:

    You know I love my plot twists ^_^;; Should have another part this week.

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