Konami Haruhi and Diorama Review

I got this figure last week, and I’ve taken so many pics of it, it took ages and that’s why this is really quite late ^_^;;. Anyway tonight I’ll be reviewing the Suzumiya Haruhi figure by Konami. I think I have stated this before previously, but I’m not so much a fan of static PVC figures, but for this one I had to make an exception. Why, you ask? Because of its awesomely awesome diorama set that it comes with of Haruhi’s table, PC, Monitor and chair!!!

On the back of the box, you can see the set that Haruhi comes with quite clearly (well except for the stupid camera flash). This thing is really quite show accurate (well, the set is, not the figure, as you will see later).

Here I have taken the package out of the box, much to the distress of Mikuru. Now she has quite a larger tormentor to bother her ^_^;;

Here is the most important part of this package. The various pieces of the diorama set. You get a table, a chair (and its base), a PC Tower, keyboard, mouse, LCD monitor, the Dancho sign, various cabling, a wooden base, and a Pikachu.

Well, not the Pikachu sorry.

The cabling is really quite annoying to install as they are so damn tiny. Think of speaker wire, and you have got an idea of what this stuff is. One cable is fat (for the monitor VGA cable I guess), the rest skinny and bloody hard to thread into the holes because they bend so much.

I was never much good at sewing. So if you are good at threading cotton through needles, you may not have as much of an issue as I did.

Well, here is the figure installed on to the completed set. Well kind of. As you can see Haruhi is leaning somewhat to the side. I think it’s because I haven’t inserted the peg on her right foot properly into the chair. I wish they thought of some other way of attaching Haruhi to the chair, because as it is, she can’t stand on a flat surface unless there is a hole in it.

Here are some more various shots. Guess what kind of picture I forgot to do?

That’s right! I forgot to do the all important pantsu shot! -_-;;. Not that you missed much, she has white pantsu.

Overall, I don’t think the figure is really all that show accurate. For one thing she looks too damn happy. Who are you, and what have you done with the real Haruhi? For another, her paint job is somewhat pale and more washed out than it should be. I actually like her proportions and figure, it’s just that I think it’s missing something important to make it look like her show counter-part.

As you can see in the below pic, the Figma Haruhi is MUCH more show accurate. Figma Haruhi is just perfect, and she has the added advantages of posing ability, and face and parts changing.

The Diorama set on the other hand, is done AWESOME. I admit the set is the main reason I wanted to get this figure. My Figmas were looking somewhat plain without something to pose them with, and this was the perfect solution.

In conclusion, I give the following scores:

Konami Haruhi Figure: 7/10

Konami Haruhi Table, Base and Computer Set: 10/10 ^_^;;

And now for some Figma Fun(tm) with the Diorama! I think the Figmas actually fit the scale of this set more than the actual figure ^_^;;


 Yes, this is my MG Force Impulse Gundam that made me a master of procrastination ^_^;;

Which one was your favourite?

And now for some Kinky Figma Fun(tm) !!!

Ja Matta for now! Till next Post!


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3 Responses to Konami Haruhi and Diorama Review

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  3. Michael Okeefe says:

    I just had to ask, but what PC brand is Haruhi’s machine based on?

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