ToLoveRu Fanfiction – Crimson Darkness Part 1

As a return to writing fanfiction, I thought I’d use an idea that suddenly came upon me while training it to work one day. Since I have a love for marrying stories with completely different genres, I actually came up with the idea of mixing a Fanservice Comedy Romance series (ToLOVERu) with Serious / Drama and Action.

And I’ll do it using one of my favourite characters in the series, Konjiki No Yami 🙂

It’s a fairly short fic, and simplistic, compared to the standard fics I write. Anyway without further ado, continue on if you would like to read Crimson Darkness Part 1!



Crimson Darkness – A To Love Ru Fanfiction
Fanfiction by Ace Sanchez.

Note: ToLoveRu and its characters belongs to its associated author, I’m just using them to have a bit of fun and practise writing again!


Part 1 – Awakening

She had been so close.

Yami leapt from the rooftop, her long blonde hair tied on either side of her head by black ribbons flapping in the wind, trails of her dark dress and over-cloak billowing out above her.

Thirty feet down, she landed in a crouch, muddy water splattering the walls of the alley as her boots struck a shallow puddle.

She knew it was following. Despite the darkness caused by the grey clouds covering the moon in the night sky, the little light there was obscured by the surrounding ruined buildings, she had a sense that it knew exactly where she was.

Hearing nothing, Yami propelled herself forward into another run, vaulted a trash can, took in a deep breath at the same time she tensed her leg muscles, then jumped the twenty feet required to reach the rooftop of the next building.

Landing softly upon the crumbling cement roof, she continued her run, keeping to the shadows of the clouds. A simple mission. Assassinate the leader. Despite all their power, they were still flesh and blood, and vulnerable in places. She didn’t know why they were here, in this ruined unimportant city, but it was a chance. A chance to knock down one of their bastions of power and gain even one small iota of revenge.

She jumped toward the next building, sensed something below her and moved to avoid it, but it was too late. The gloved hand wrapped around her ankle. Yami bent in mid-air and grabbed her attacker’s wrist before it could throw her off course. A struggle ensued with both trying to reverse each other’s attempts to propel the other into a vulnerable position.

She knew she would lose out on a match of strength, so before that could happen, she willed several tendrils of her hair to form a katana and stabbed it down at her assailant. It dodged by twisting, but she was ready for that, and metamorphed her leg that it was grasping into another katana, shredding the leather straps and its boot while it was off balance.

Incredibly it let go before the sword could slice his hands, reached backward with its legs, grasped the hair-sword she had formed earlier with the soles of both of its feet and uncoiled violently.

Before she knew it, Yami was hurtling down into the dark street with deadly force. Desperately she formed her hair into a hard shell to protect her head and body before smashing into the pavement in a shower of rocky debris.

When she had come to a stop, she retracted her hair and stood up shakily, a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of her lip.

Her attacker landed softly several yards away, the dark hooded surcoat it was wearing rustling several times as it caught the wind. Its face was cast in shadow by the hood covering its head, but she knew who it was.

The guardian.

It was always there at the leader’s side, silent, intimidating, and extremely powerful. Impervious to energy attacks, it relied on incredibly hard hitting physical blows, and speed so fast, one blink could mean you
lost track of its movements.

Three years ago, it had killed the King of Deviluke.

Retreat. She couldn’t win this. Forming her hand into a steel wrecking ball, she smashed it into the street in front of her, exploding it into shrapnel and dust, and simultaneously launched herself backward, away
from it.

A disturbance in the wind at her back was enough warning to quickly morph her hair into another shield, before a palm strike collided into it, and sent her hurtling in the opposite direction.

The guardian followed her trajectory as she desperately defended with shields of morphed hair, and elbows. It wasn’t enough. Every third strike leaked through to hit unprotected parts of her body. Her body jerked back and forth as her velocity was altered at each blow in mid-air.

A final kick into her stomach propelled her through an abandoned store-front window, and she crashed into old wooden furniture and merchandise, glass raining around her.

She couldn’t get away. It was too fast. The only option was to fight. But it was too strong.

The sound of glass crunching underfoot approached her as she pushed herself to her knees. A trickle of blood tickled her chin as it ran from a cut on her forehead, down her face, and on to the ground.

The sound stopped in front of her.

Gathering one last huge effort, she morphed all of her hair into long spears and sent them striking toward the guardian.

Suddenly a gloved fist was clutching her around the neck, and she could hardly breathe as it lifted her upward. Her hair fell limply around her sides, her strength draining away.

Red eyes flashed underneath the guardian’s hood as it lifted its other fist to finish her.

Yami coughed, then smiled, accepting her coming death. “Kill me … Rito.”

The fist stopped abruptly before striking her face. “Konjiki no Yami?” 

The guardian screamed as he let go of her. They both fell to the ground, Yami on her side, he on his knees.

The hood fell away, revealing light reddish-brown hair over a tortured handsome face.


“… Rito.”

It was as if he were awakening from a long sleep, the world hazing into view. And when his vision was in focus, his fist was inches from striking the face of a beautiful blonde girl, long hair held in black ribbons on either side of her head.

What was he doing? He would never hit a girl! STOP he shouted to himself within his mind. It seemed as if his body still wanted to desperately kill her.

He suddenly recognised her. “Konjiki no Yami?” Brilliant pain flashed in his temple. KILL KILL KILL ALL THAT STOOD IN THE MASTER’S WAY.

No! He could never do that. He screamed as he forced himself to release her. He barely noticed the glass cut through his clothes and into his knees as he collapsed on to the shard covered floor.

The overwhelming pain in his mind continued to flare. KILL.

NO! he shouted again within his mind. Whatever it was, it felt like something was alive in his head forcing him to violence. It felt as if it were trying to bring him to unconsciousness, so that it could continue
whatever it was that it was doing.


Agony erupted from the side of his neck as something fell out with a splash. The sweet smell of hot blood filled the air.

And all of a sudden his mind was clear. He looked at whatever it was that had fallen out of his neck. It looked like a black spider.

A butcher’s cleaver thunked into it with abrupt force, sending its two halves flying away in gory pieces.

Momentarily confused, he looked at the cleaver and followed its handle with his eyes, and realised it was connected to Yami’s wrist, who had formed it out of her hand.

“… Yami-chan…”

He passed out.


When he awoke for the second time, it was to the feeling of something cold, metallic and sharp to the front of his neck.

“Yuuki Rito.”

He dared not move, or even look at her. He started to talk, but a slight trickle of blood dripped slowly down his neck from the blade that was her hand that she held against it.

“Sorry,” she said, and lifted the blade enough so that he could talk without cutting himself.

He could remember nothing. Nothing except the cold dread of a feeling that he had done something terrible; many things, and a sense of wrongness that he could feel inside his chest such that it would
suffocate him.

And then it hit him. If nothing else, he could remember this cold, evil fact.

“I killed Lala.” And at that simple statement, moisture welled up in his eyes, the tears overflowing on to his cheeks. He coughed and twisted, cutting himself again on Yami’s blade as he dry heaved.

Yami quickly retracted her blade and watched him as he hugged his knees and cried softly to himself. Even though he did not know how he did it, at her silence, he knew it was true. He felt like he couldn’t breathe at
the pain and sadness overwhelming him. He wanted to die so much, he could practically feel the desire eat at him, and he knew that he could do it, will himself to die. His heart slowed its beating, and he could start to feel himself fade away.

“Don’t die, Yuuki Rito.” Yami’s calm monotone voice broke into his thoughts, interrupting him from his desire for death.

“I must.”

A sharp cracking sound shocked him, and a moment later his face started heating up with the pain of being slapped. “You are a coward.”

He sat up and realised he was on a futon. She had dragged them both into a more hospitable looking room in one of the abandoned buildings in the city.

“I don’t care. Let me die … please.”

She looked at him with calm crimson eyes. “Will your death bring her back?”

“No, but it will atone for it.”

“It will atone for nothing!” she suddenly shouted, standing up, her long blonde hair floating about her pretty face, usually emotionless, but now angry. “Dying is the easy way out. Atonement should be hard, suffering.
Atonement should be paying back what you caused.” Then her face settled into its more usual calm demeanor. “You have strength now. Enough strength to help me.”

He stared at her, his eyes still burning from the awful sadness that he knew would never go away. “Help you?”

She sat back down and picked up a roll of bandages which she started awkwardly wrapping around her bleeding left arm. “What do you remember of the last three years?”

Rito closed his eyes. Through the sadness of awful knowledge of that one thing, he could not remember anything else. Just darkness. A darkness filled with blood. “Nothing.”

Her voice was soft, with no more emotion. “It was an invasion. The Deviluke’s greatest enemies.  They were called the Devilins, and all were extremely powerful, each easily as powerful as the King of Deviluke.
Everyone thought they had forever been destroyed. But it turned out that a few survived, and had been in refuge in the planet at the farthest reaches of the universe.”

Rito looked at her.

“That’s right, they were here on Earth.” Yami paused as she checked the wrapping on her arm was secure. Then she continued. “When the Devilin awoke on this planet, they discovered something. The humans who normally dwelled on its surface, in outward appearances, seemed weak. But when one examines their inner power, and harnesses amd converts it with biotechnology, they are actually the strongest in the universe.”

Something pushed at the faint edge of his memory now.

“They captured a boy and his six other human friends. And using their biotechnology cocoons, converted them into monsters. And the Devilins found a way to control and bind them to their will.” She looked at him
meaningfully. “Those were only the first of the humans being converted, but ended up being their most powerful.”

He shook his head in absolute denial. “No, it can’t be!”

Her crimson eyes held him. “You know that I do not lie, Yuuki Rito. You must help me. You must make up for your wrongs. Stop the Devilins conversion of the humans, and kill your friends. Only then may you kill yourself.”

He was about to answer when they heard a crash from downstairs. An evil female’s voice echoed up to them along the walls.

“Oni-san,” the voice called sweetly. “Have you killed the assassin yet?”

Yami gasped, her beautiful face going pale as the blood drained from it.

Rito closed his eyes. “Mikan…”

*** End Part 1

Quick Link to Part 2

Just a short fic, which sets it up for the next installment of the story. This series is not going to be meant to be a huge epic monster of any kind. Moreover, I want to use it to write some quick action scenes, get back into the swing of things, and at the same time explore the Rito and Yami relationship in a serious setting. If Lala and Haruna are not involved of course. I’m also kind of sick of Rito being a pansy, and let him fight on the level of the aliens for once.

Anyways, comments and criticisms welcome of course.

Ja Matta!


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7 Responses to ToLoveRu Fanfiction – Crimson Darkness Part 1

  1. ZeroOBK says:

    I’m glad to read something else from you, Ace-san! The only comment I can make is that what I read was way more serious than what I expected (though that’s not a bad thing).

  2. acesan says:

    Ty … I’m going to try get a part out every couple of days. Writing is like a muscle, and you need to work it to get better! So I think coming out with smaller parts but more rapidly will get me going on more projects …

  3. eevee says:

    I love how your action scenes are so thoroughly depicted from frame to frame; it gives the reader so much to visualize! *o*

    Although, since I’ve yet to watch the series I don’t know anything about the characters and their back story so I think I’ll re-read this once I’ve watched the anime so I can fully appreciate the fanfic! XD …and I think I’ll have to refrain from reading your newly posted Code Geass alternative ending seeing as how I’ve yet to see the ‘real’ ending! T-T Argh! I so need to be back in the anime-binging loop! ><

    Reading your stuff is always entertaining though, you have a style very much your own and I can’t wait to read more! =D

  4. acesan says:

    Eevee! Thanks for the compliments, but I’m re-reading and now I see how exactly rusty I am *cringe*.

    Definitely watch the rest of Code Geass … it’s soooooo cool. I won’t comment on the ending since you haven’t seen yet though.

    But I have my bottle of V ready, for a night of more writing!

  5. eevee says:

    For a second there I read that as “my bottle of EV” … before realizing you meant the energy drink. LOL.

    And you keep saying you’re rusty but I don’t see it! Rusty in the process or rusty in the execution? Cuz the execution seems good to me! =D Although… this just may work out (for my benefit! >=D ) …seeing as how you “need practice” –> more writing –> needing a proofer (hint hint) –> EV = happy~ lol

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  7. JimmyDANj2 says:

    hey, ace, any chance of an update on this awesome story anytime soon? Of course, I know you’re busy with other and all, but might be something to consider. 🙂

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